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Comenius again

At our Elementary and Lower Secondary school Příbram II - Jirasek Park. Students and teachers were given a chance to cooperate in different topics of their interests with schools from Europe. In this two year project, Fit for Fun, Fit for Life, we will promote healthy living so pupils can enjoy their lives and live to the full. In the first year we will focus on physical fitness. All children of the schools will participate in the same specific sport activities (chosen during partner meeting in France in October), connected to the Olympic Games in London and the Olympic ideas of "creating a way of life based on the joy and the cooperation and living in a peaceful society". We will involve activities that will promote understanding to people who have to overcome difficulties – disabled people and participate in Paralympic Games.
The project will encourage children to develop good eating and other habits that will prepare them for their whole lives. Fitness and health are a fundamental part of this. We also need to ensure that our children are aware of sustainable development and active protection of nature. As a part of the project activities during a partner meeting in our school in May 2012 will be an observing the accurence of birds in the surrounding of the school. During the project work children will do lots of additional activities which support their interest of the historical wonders and monuments in our region, famous painters, composers etc. Some schools will cooperate on environmental issues for example plants and trees which are on the regional list of protected biota.
But very useful and attractive for students and teachers are visits in partner schools with a stay in families for pupils.
The next meeting of participating schools in the project, Fit for Fun, Fit for Life, will be held in our school Příbram in May (2nd – 6th). Our students will get new friends from partner countries in Europe and will be given an awareness about the cultural heritage of European countries – homeland of their friends. Common activities during the stay in Příbram will involve some experimental environmental issues in regional nature.

Moravcová Dagmar
project coordinator

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